An ode to Greig

Proud to call Greig my friend for over 50 years, we go that far back!! I would be best positioned to comment on his ownership and management of Lickisto Blackhouse Campsite.

Friendly, courteous, hard working and popular are words usually associated with me, however on this occasion I defer to Greig šŸ˜Š. If anyone was ever a natural for the Lickisto Experience on the wonderful Isle of Harris, it’s Greig.

I watched Greig re-roof the wonderful Blackhouses, practically single handed, with the determination, dedication, and precise execution of someone who has a great deal of pride in their work.

The Campsite required love and attention, with Greig in charge it’s got it in abundanceā€¦guaranteed you will receive a warm smile upon arrival; good chat and a feeling that you are somewhere special, which you areā€¦.

What has been achieved is something remarkable; Isle of Harris is remarkable as is Lickisto Blackhouse Campsite.

I raise a glass to you Greig, one of lifeā€™s gentlemen.


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